Managing Director

Vastu Acharya Hari Das Gupta

A low profile, down to earth Entrepreneur who has ventured into many businesses in many countries
without any past contacts, guidance or financial backings yet being successful.
Currently :
1-Heading GPS/GIS related IT business for innovative IT solutions (
2-Started Vedic Care in India to reduce pains of life by resolving health problems very successfully
namely diabetes, kidney and joint pains by ancient Indian Therapies. ( and setting
up Goldkist Organic Farm in Sohna, Gurgaon of India.

By the Grace and Mercy of Almighty God:
– Covered a journey from $300 loan to $60+ Million asset base.
– Done a sales of over half a billion dollars in over 20 countries (IT products, mobiles & hospitality services).
– Never done any job but created jobs for 20-100 people continuously for over 20 years.
– Seldom reads newspaper but has been more times in media/TV news coverage.
  (see some of media coverage on
– Made many brands from unknown to TOP 3 positions in the region he worked for those brands.
–Have business experience of 20+ years but yet learning new dimensions of business.
– Largest owner in World famous IT complex SIM LIM SQUARE owning 40 shops.
– Operating an 8 acre beachfront resort in Singapore with 195 villas and other supporting facilities serving about 200,000 guests annually.

– Never eats meat but owns and operates restaurant which serve NON Vegetarian (even Chinese/Malay/Western food).
– Never drinks alcohol but owns and operates a beach bar.
– Never smokes but has outlets selling cigarettes.
– Never done a single dollar investment in share, forex, units and bonds throughout life.
– Seldom buys anything in retail but owns and operates retail store.
– Said to be Engineer but still trying to learn life and relations everyday in school of life.

– Don’t know what credit debit is but guides even chartered accountants.
– Has even made policies of state changed at times in few countries.
– Has served products/services from gangsters upto ministers, clerks to CEO, normal people to celebrities. Some of prestigious clients including ministers, MPs, Governors, celebrities and high level CEO’s in region and corporate accounts.
– Somehow ended up in places, project, business or countries with no experience or where people don’t dare or has failed already but still able to revive them around. 

Educational Qualification

He is a GRADUATE ENGINEER in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computers and Management.

He has also completed following Post Graduate Diploma Computers and Management from reputed Government Institutes.

  • Diploma in CNC Machines Programming & Operations (TRTC- an Indo German Institute, Delhi, India)
  • Diploma in Management (IGNOU, Delhi, India)

He is always been a topper and meritorious student throughout his career. He has always been an ACHIEVER and AN ASSET TO THE SOCIETY AND COUNTRY.

Work Experience

He started his business activities even while he was studying in the college and has substantial business experience of over 20 years in the same field.

Marketing Capability

He has in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the Business/Computers/Mobiles/Hospitality industry. He is also well capable of Management aspects of the co-ordination and managing entire team of the firm in all fields, whether it is purchase, sale, administration or finance. He had performed duties very successfully as a key person who was responsible for entire growth of the company. He is creative and very much innovative.

Major Achievements

  • All across the career got covered in various media in various regions positively for the brand & products we launched. Media coverage is listed on Have been on news headlines many times & even documentaries about company has been aired on National TVs.
  • Many high class VVIPs like Prime Ministers, Ministers, Governors, CEO, high officials has patron us.
  • Company and brand is very well trusted across all end users, dealers & principals.
  • Many times has raised the voice over policy related issues & has been successful in convincing authorities to change policy where whole of industry has failed n agreed to follow. He was alone fighting the battle and surprisingly most of cases he was able to get it changed.
  • Has taken an approach to follow a different path than common thinking, like starting work on places which were closed for many years due to various factors like wrong feng shui kind of place or not popular working locations but has been able to turn them into very prominent business place subsequently. Say for example:
  • He came to Singapore in 1993 when hardly anyone was coming. He went to China (1995) than usual Taiwan for sourcing when hardly anyone was doing. He went to Hongkong, Bangladesh and Nepal when hardly anyone could think of.
  • When everyone focused on India in 2005-2006, he changed focus to Singapore.
  • He quitted the PC business gracefully when it was doing very well exiting on peak.
  • Entering into mobile business was not accepted by his own team but worked well later.
  • Investing in low traffic 6th floor at Sim Lim Square was questionable but worked well over a period of time.
  • He worked and developed brands which no one was willing to do at start and make them a success for them and for himself, like Sony Ericssion in 2002, O2 in 2004 and LG in 2006 showing that he can spot potential earlier than general business sense. He never sells Nokia – most popular seller. He sells Lexmark as compared to HP, Canon, Epson. Most of the brands he took have done significant business improvements in market share subsequently.
  • In 1993, setting up business in Singapore when it was too difficult for an Indian to do and run it successfully despite all odds. Today owns a substantial portion of this worldwide reputed IT Complex Sim Lim Square & is a key decision maker in broad policies of complex.

In summary, he has extensive 20+ Years of experience in the following areas:

  • Branding
  • High Level negotiations with Manufacturers/Suppliers
  • Business strategy-planning, controlling and implementing (local & international)
  • Setting up business in new countries without any past links
  • Setting up factories
  • Setting up retail show rooms
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Administration
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Organizing Liaison Work
  • Technical Expertise of Product Range

Frequently Traveled Countries

  • China, Hong Kong, Malaysia ,Taiwan, Thailand
  • India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia
  • USA, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates
  • Indonesia, Australia, Korea, South Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, Macau, Vietnam

Press conferences headed as Main Speaker

  • India- Product launch -Sub Rs10000 PC, first color mouse & technical collaboration with vatek USA
  • India- Goldkist-Launch of “Beyond 2000” series of computers (1998)
  • Sri Lanka- Launched Goldkist products
  • India- Launched O2-2 new models -Dec 2004
  • Nepal- Launched-“7 technology wonder”-Jan 2005
  • Invited external speaker (only other speaker was M1-CEO) on O2 summit in Singapore-customer experience

Conferences attended

  • IPO Conference, Singapore – How to get Public Listed (April 2000)
  • World Franchisee Conference, Singapore (2001)
  • Sony Ericsson Distributor’s Conference 2003 – Kunming, China
  • Lexmark Distributor’s Conference 2003 – Cebu, Philippines
  • Sony Ericsson Distributor’s Conference 2004 -Sanya, China
  • Lexmark Distributors Conference 2005- China
  • Sony Ericsson Distributors Conference 2005- Shanghai, China
  • Six Sigma(2004), Singapore
  • Global Wireless Venturing Conference (2004) Singapore
  • Microsoft Mobile Devices and Embedded Developer Conference (2004) as exhibitor
  • Conference- Intellectual property, trade mark & patents (2004)
  • Conference- How to set up business in China(2005) and Shanghai, China
  • Conference- Listing in Malaysia- pros and cons(2005)
  • Round table discussion- in EDB on problems faced by inventors-represented SIDA(2005)
  • Singapore India CECA (July 2005)
  • Numerous other international conferences related to Computing & Mobile Communications & Management.


  • Filed a Patent worldwide under PCT (on saving calls cost substantially during roaming) an invention which will save billions of dollars per year to mobile users.
  • Member of Singapore Inventor Association.
  • Appointed as Consultant Singapore Inventor Association.
  • Appointed as Counsel Member & Treasurer Sim Lim Square Management committee, Singapore and made significant developments in IT Complex.

Managed International Exhibitions as successful exhibitor:

  1. India-IT Asia 1997
  2. India-IT Asia 1998
  3. Bangladesh- BCS show 1998
  4. Bangladesh- BCS show 1999
  5. Bangladesh- BCS show 2000
  6. Nepal- Can Infotech 1999
  7. Nepal- Can Infotech 2002
  8. Sri Lanka- Infotel 2002
  9. Nepal- CAN Infotech 2003
  10. Nepal- CAN Infotech 2004
  11. Nepal- CAN Infotech 2005
  12. Computex, Taiwan 2004
  13. Vietnam, Computerworld 2004
  14. India- Microsoft Mobile devices n embedded developer conference(2004), India
  15. Nepal- CAN Infotech 2005
  16. India- Mobiletek 2005
  17. Visitors to major international trade shows like Computex- Taiwan, Communicasia-Singapore, Gitex-Dubai, Comdex-USA, Cebit-Germany regularly.

Thinks Differently & Act Differently

  • Negotiated for ASIAN VILLAGE in Singapore (21 acre site with shopping, dining and amusement facilities) IN SENTOSA and was almost about to finalise. Somehow could not gather strength & resources at last minute. 10 years later, absolutely same site was allocated for INTEGRATED RESORT. The place which we were getting for few Millions turned into few Billions.
  • Starting First of its kind- Goldkist Mobile Academy in India to train required skills of this industry & provide job opportunities to many. Many students are orphans & are given scholarship. Somehow has to close down as could not get enough students. Strangely – giving free study, training & job even and people don’t want it.
  • After being pushed by banker friend and some financial friends, thought to go for IPO but after doing ground work, attended a high world level conference presented by top executives of industry- How to go IPO. After attended it, decided NOT TO GO IPO due to too many complexities. Despite our website alone was valued for $30 Million at that time. If gone for IPO, perhaps today story would be different.

Technology Innovations

  • Developed a DOS based unique accounting, SW which can be operated by people who don’t know credit and debit. SW worked well but development team could not fully finalize it and market it as development team quitted. However still most of our branches are successfully running on this.
  • Developed online matrimonial, job, classified and extensive web portal containing airline and hotels information on website in 1998 when it was too early for IT industry to realize but again development team misfired. That time our site was rated NO #1 by Dataquest in 1998.
  • Our website was a reference website for many years for IT products prices and was read like a morning newspaper by traders and reference site by custom officials in case of price disputes. It was valued $30 Million (over 3 million B2B hits with a value of $10/hit) in DOT COM days and were asked by banks and many others to go IPO.
  • Developed SQL based mini ERP SW extensively for IT industry but again team misfired.
  • Started a software IT Park in India.

Marketing Innovations

  • Use eclipse first time in Goldkist logo in 1997 and after that many successful brands copied it in different forms. Used Green color in logo which was very rare then. Both of these became quite common afterwards.
  • GOLD become common add on in many consumer products.
  • MOBILE2 Logo used tilted square yellow color in 2004. Now similar to it is used by Zee TV and many others. Even using 2 becoming common now and seen in many leading brands.
  • The many taglines created by us are now used by many multinational corporation in various forms:
    • A step ahead
    • Beyond 2000 (1998)
    • The FUTURE IS HERE  (1998)
    • Goldkist Sweepstake Bonanza
    • O2 Bash (2004)
    • Reducing the digital divide (2003)
    • 7 technology wonder (2004)
    • Square IT UP (2005)
    • Discovering peace & happiness (2007)

Post Graduate Diploma in Computers Application (Board of Technical Education, Delhi, India), First batch of 1.5 Year Government Course in Delhi  -1987

  • Used innovative launching of new mobile models in O2 bash using stage models dancing on music which become a defacto standard now in all brands later- was rated best ever launch by any mobile phone company and got huge coverage in news, TV and newspapers.
  • First time in trade exhibition in Nepal used fashion show kind of ramp & used local celebrities (Mr & Miss Nepal 2063(their FY is different than English FY) contestants -Miss 2063, runner up, 1st runner up, little lady, Best Catwalk man, Nepal’s First POP singer & tallest man of Nepal displayed latest phone models on ramp) & features. Despite lot of controversy and protest. Response was that even competitors came to watch it. Nepal channel aired it 3.5 minutes in 5 minute national news. During our shows, all other halls were empty even the gatekeepers come to see it and enjoy it.
  • Visited Cambodia, Angkorwat (one of 7 wonders) as tourist and end up in doing extensive research on it and derived fantastic facts about Hindu culture, its supremacy & level of perfection in a combination of architecture, cosmology, numerology and religion.